Collection: Burkina Collection

For this collection, we aimed to explore beyond the perceived limits of African architecture and design. 

Through purposeful research, we found that the interaction between humans, environments and spirit became prevailing themes. The circular structures found in traditional African dwellings highlighted a cycle of life between communities, and the importance in the exchanges between people within that community: I am because you are.

The structures themselves mimic the patterns which are prevalent in nature, they’re made with natural elements, and therefore can be considered an embodiment of nature. Human touch in this regard becomes nature as it forms part of this cycle. The circular handbag design encapsulate the rhythm within the African architectural structures, while the process of creating the handbags highlighted the importance of community in bringing design to life. We honour architect Dirk Bahmann, and aircraft repair specialist Kevin Wilson, who’s skills and hands helped breathe life into the design. We also honour Hugo our master crafter and the makers within in our studio.