Collection: Origins of Life Collaboration

Lehlogonolo Mashaba is our first artist collaboration.

His work is an examination of mysteries of order and complexities of the essence of life form . It also involves giving homage to information and how it can be distorted over a period of time to take shape of human form in a combination of graffiti like patterns and in-comprehensive text. The mark making the human form is depicted in a state of integration or disintegration of energies and particles in a non-objective form.

“Thoughts \Words hold power. The more you know about something, the more it has the ability to change you. I assimilate the ambiguous presence of found texts through successive processes of re-interpretation, reading, writing, printing, incision and layering. I draw attention to the labour-some process of cutting relief prints, hand cut paper and re-assembled. Reconstructing the human figures highlight the strength and frailty of paper to embody the notions human . I convey a human body in a convergence of lines and text by repetitive text and paper mechanics”.

He is fascinated by the human form in its most intangible form. This is depicted by drawing human traces without showing the complete physical structure. The intention are to depict complexity of human form by making drawing marks that represent energies. These fragments can be looked as moments of formations captured in time. The integration or disintegration of matter in action, the beginning or the end of natural life that takes new form.