We Reimagine The Co-existence Of Many Meanings And Realities

Hamethop delves into asking questions, the possibility that the non-existence or existence of answers is often a starting point rather than a destination.

We envision ourselves as the embodiment of diverse realities through fashion and design, allowing those who engage with us to reflect on how they can define themselves.

We explore contemporary art, time, architecture, and place. We gathers examples from these overlapping disciplines and crafts in an attempt to visually emphasize the liminal.

Through constant collaboration efforts between different art forms, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and radicalizing into a new paradigm and evolving.

How we do it.

Although we value traditional techniques that have been refined over generations, we are always focused on a process that is not linear.
We are quite and through thinking, dreaming and playing we immersing ourselves in stimuli, we expose ourselves to the opportunity to use our imagination to envision every offering. It is only after this do we really begin to create.

We love hand-woven and sculpted handles. This ensures that we have much creative autonomy over each collection and can share in your alternate vision of what each Hamethop piece is or can be to you.

Why we do it.

We believe time and creativity are open ended experiences and so our goal is simply to be, in whatever way that looks like at the time. We identify with change and follow it blindly to see what it is that It can teach us.

Where we are going with it.

Hamethop positions itself as an avenue through which people can equal parts self-define and self-create. This is a learning space.